About Us

Adventure’s That Brings People

Sail4Life is an adventure-based sailing Organization created by Charles-Bernard Gagnon and Jason Ellis. Our goal is to envision and realize sailing adventures that will bring people to awareness of humanism and environmentalism on a platform of high-performance sailing with dynamic sponsorship and media exposure.

We realize all our adventures through a safe and meticulously planned process involving experts in fields such as nutrition, public relations, photographer and web translation.

We are excited to announce the completion of our first successful year, 2007 and the inception of the Organization itself. An icon for the 2007 year was our collaboration with leading National Geographic photographer, Cedric Haboush, who was able to capture the year with memorable and professionally-polished photos. What brings us yet more excitement is our visions for 2008. We have expanded our sailing territories to include the St. Lawrence river in Quebec City and look forward to working with Quebec Transplant in achieving this years’ goals.

Working to collaborate with:

“Extraordinary timing and extraordinary people can deliver extraordinary results.”